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Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to Prepare Your Kids for Emergencies

Teach Your Children How and When to Dial 9-1-1 To kids, emergencies are something that mom or dad typically handle. What if you weren't home, though? Would your kids know what to do? Prepare your kids for emergencies with these practical tips: Define Problem vs. Emergency First, teach your children the difference between a problem and an emergency. A problem is something that they need help with, but does not require emergency services. An emergency is a situation that requires immediate assistance from the police or fire department, or requires immediate medical assistance through paramedics or EMTs. Problems When your child experiences a problem, he or she should decide whether to call you immediately, call a neighbor, or whether the problem can wait until you get home. For example, you'd probably want your child to call you if he or she: Felt scared Had trouble getting into the house Got home and found that the electricity was off Emergencies The following issues would warrant an immediate call to 9-1-1: A fire Evidence of a break-in A medical emergency, such as someone being unresponsive or bleeding profusely There are two things your kids need to know when facing a 9-1-1 emergency or other situation requiring adult assistance: 1) Who to call, and 2) What to say. Emergency Phone Numbers Make sure that you keep an updated list of all the phone numbers your kids might need in a convenient location. For example, print it out and tape it to the inside of a kitchen cabinet. This way your kids won't have to look for a neighbor's phone number when they need help. Teach Your Kids How to Call 9-1-1 in an Emergency When using a cell phone to call 9-1-1, calls can sometimes be routed to regional call centers, rather than local 9-1-1 operators. In this situation, the caller must must be prepared to state his or her city and general type of emergency before being connected with the appropriate local authorities. If your child may potentially be using a cell phone to call 9-1-1, make sure that he or she knows about this extra step. In addition, make sure that your child also knows how to clearly state the following: His or her full name The specific address of his or her location The nature of the emergency In addition, you child should also be prepared to stay on the line until the authorities arrive, unless her or she is instructed otherwise by the 9-1-1 operator. It's important to teach emergency preparedness skills to your children, especially if you are getting ready to let them stay home alone for the first time. Here are some of the scenarios you should role play, so that your kids can gain experience handling potential emergencies: Role Play How to Handle Emergencies True emergencies require an immediate phone call to 9-1-1. Role play the following emergency scenarios with your kids: Fire - Teach your children to leave the house immediately and use a neighbor's phone to call 9-1-1. In addition, make sure that they know they should never go back into the house to retrieve belongings or pets. A severe injury - Role play the types of injuries that would require an immediate phone call to 9-1-1. For example, if someone gets hit by a car, is unresponsive, experiencing intense chest pain, or bleeding profusely. The carbon monoxide detector goes off - Instruct your children to leave the home immediately and call 9-1-1 from a neighbor's. Someone is trying to break in - Role play where to go is someone is trying to break in the house, and how to call 9-1-1. Role Play How to Handle Problems When you teach emergency preparedness, it's also important to role play situations that do not require a call to 9-1-1. For example, in the following situations, you might prefer to have your child call you directly or call a neighbor: An injury that is not life-threatening - Role play with your kids how to handle various injuries--such as bumps, cuts, and sprains. The power goes out - Go over with your kids what they should do if the power goes out. In addition, make sure that you keep a flashlight in a secure, consistent location so that they can generate light without using candles. They're scared - Especially the first few times you leave your kids home alone, they may experience feelings of uneasiness. Make sure that they know what to do in this situation, whether you want them to call you directly or phone a neighbor.

3 shot, 1 fatally in Baltimore police-related shooting

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - Two people were hurt and one killed in an overnight shooting said a Baltimore City Police spokesperson. At about 10 Monday night in the 2700 block of Edmondson Avenue in West Baltimore two officers on foot patrol heard and saw shots coming from a car with several people inside. People inside the car were firing in a direction away from the officers. The officers then "engaged" the suspects and shot three of them. One of the people shot is now dead. Police say that one of the suspects has a prior arrest, and that they are looking into possible gang activity. Police also looking at area hospitals to see if anyone walked in who may have been shot by the suspects in the car. They haven't found anyone yet. Read more:

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